for snapper - grouper Makassar straitSnapper and grouper from South Sulawesi Province are caught primarily by small-scale fisheries, who fish on a daily basis with an average of 5 -10 days per fishing trip. The fishing ground covers the waters of Makassar Strait and the Flores Sea, on the shallow reefs to a depth of over 100m. Fishers use fishing boats of sizes ranging between 4 to 7 meters long, which are powered by 5 to 24 HP/PK outboard engines. Fishing gear used includes handline, bottom long line and bottom gillnets.


South Sulawesi Province is an important producer of both snapper and grouper for domestic buyers and export. Although studies on snapper fisheries have been conducted in some landing sites, a comprehensive biological stock assessment is not yet available. The FIP aims to support and contribute to the sustainability of the industry, by first improving the catch data of the small scale snapper and grouper fisheries in Makassar Strait.