Snapper – Grouper Java Sea

Species : Snapper-Grouper
FIP scale : Small-scale fisheries
Location  : Indonesian waters – WPPNRI 712
FIP formed  : April 2018
FIP Stage     : Stage 3

Profile for this fishery:


FIP Participants

  1. PT Bahari Biru Nusantara
  2. PT Kemilau Bintang Timur
  3. PT Kelola Mina Laut
  4. PT Alam Jaya Seafood
  5. PT Inti Lautan Fajar Abadi
  6. PT Varia Niaga Nusantara


FIP Aim and Objectives

The FIP aims to engage processors, their suppliers, and fishers groups in improving the small scale snapper-grouper fishery in the Java Sea.



  1. To conduct  study to better understand about the fishery, including to get more accurate information on fishing ground, supply chain, and how the fishery business contributes to local communities.
  2. To improve the availability of accurate data on production
  3. To improve compliance of fishing boats involve in FIP
  4. To collaborate with other institutions working on demersal fisheries issues in the country, including working together to improve the management and policy towards sustainable fisheries.



Snappers and grouper are demersal fish which snappers are part of family Lutjanidae and groupers are part of family Serranidae [Fish Source, 2014 a and b]. In Indonesia Capture Fishery Statistics, snappers caught in Indonesia are identified as Red Snapper / Kakap Merah / Bambangan. In term of groupers, MMAF identified groupers in Indonesia into 5 species, i.e. Blue Lined Seabass Cephalopholis boenak (Kerapu Karang), Humpback Hind Cromileptes altivelis (Kerapu Bebek), Honeycomb Grouper Epinephelus merra (Kerapu Balong), Greasy Rockcod Epinephelus tauvina (Kerapu Lumpur), and Leopard Coral Grouper Plectropomus leopardus (Kerapu Sunu) [MMAF 2014].


Snappers and groupers are found throughout Southeast Asia and Western Central Pacific. The species inhabits both coastal and offshore reefs with depth range from about 12 to 100 m. Large aggregations are often observed around coral reefs, rocky areas, estuaries, and mangrove habitats but also in the steep slope waters. The Indonesian snappers fishery covers vast areas of the archipelago from North Sumatra to West Papua (the Indonesian portion of New Guinea).


Fishing gears for both fisheries that commonly used in Java Sea are hooks and lines (not specified), handlines hand operated, and bottom longlines [Fish Source, 2014 a and b]. The  of handlines and bottom longlines have very low impact on the habitats [Chuenpagdee et al., 2003].


In the Java Sea (FMA 712), a study was conducted by the MMAF and the Ministry of Research and Technology on CPUE (catch per unit effort) of demersal fisheries. This area includes the northern coast of Java, the southern coast of Borneo, and the eastern coast of Sumatra. The area includes relatively shallow seas, because FMA 712 is part of the Sunda Shelf. Because this area is shallow (around 70-80 m depth) and many rivers run into the seas there, it has become a good source of demersal fish. As Java is the most populated island in Indonesia, overfishing of snapper has occurred in this area since 1997, and the snapper populations stayed depleted unti 2005. By 2007-2008, these populations became stable again, although not as much as in 1997 [Badrudin, 2010].


Progress Update



The FIP was launched in Lamongan (East Java).  The launching was witnessed by the Head of Nusantara Fishing Port of Brondong, East Java (Mr. Dedi Sutisna).  Five companies committed to participate as FIP implementers, these are  PT. Alam Jaya Seafood, PT. Bahari Biru Nusantara, PT. Inti Lautan Fajar Abadi, PT. Kelola Mina Laut, and PT. Kemilau Bintang Timur. FIP workplan and budget were developed and agreed by all participants. PT Varia Niaga Nusantara joined the FIP in October.


Four Vessels Tracking Devices have been installed in four boats supplying to FIP participants. Unfortunately there are only 3 devices transmitting the data to date. 


FIP participants signed the FIP agreement during FIP meeting in October. 




Jan – Feb

FIP field coordinator has started to collect catch data from the vessel which vessel tracking system is installed. The vessel landed their catch in Brondong fish port.


2018 – North Java Sea Snapper-Grouper FIP Workplan

White Paper Snappers Nei and Groupers Nei

North Java Sea Snapper-Grouper FIP Agreement 2018