hook and line in Banda


January 2015 A New Ministerial Decree Number 4, January 15, 2015, was issued to prohibit fishing in Fishery Management Area number 714, which covers the  Banda Sea. In the decree it stated that the closed months for yellowfin tuna fishing will be from October to December, for the purpose of protecting the spawning grounds. The Banda Sea is the fishing ground for hundreds of traditional handline fishermen who live on many small remote islands there. With this closure, a study needs to be done to estimate the value of the lost income during the closure, so that an alternative income source can be looked for, to assist these fishers in maintaining their livelihoods.


December 2014 The Banda Sea yellowfin tuna is an important artisanal fishery, supporting the livelihoods of coastal communities in the Banda Archipelago. The islands are situated in the Banda Sea and part of the Western Central Pacific Ocean. Administratively, Banda belongs to Maluku Province, which was the only world’s source of the nutmeg until the mid-19th Century.   Although there is no accurate catch data on the yellowfin tuna fisheries at the regional level, the population is not considered to be overfished. However, fishing mortality levels have been increasing over time, which initiated the implementation of the FIP.   The fishers use two to three man 10-meter boat with a single line and single hook to catch tuna. Fishers look for dolphins or seabirds to locate tuna.