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hook and line in Banda

A New Ministerial Decree Number 4, January 15, 2015, was issued to prohibit fishing in Fishery Management Area number 714, which covers the Banda Sea. In the decree it stated that the closed months for yellowfin tuna fishing will be from October to December, for the purpose of protecting the spawning grounds. The Banda Sea is the fishing ground for hundreds of traditional

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for snapper - grouper Makassar strait

Snapper and grouper from South Sulawesi Province are caught primarily by small-scale fisheries, who fish on a daily basis with an average of 5 -10 days per fishing trip. The fishing ground covers the waters of Makassar Strait and the Flores Sea, on the shallow reefs to…

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Enumerator measuring in Intimas Surya landing

In 2014, PT Makmur Jaya Sejahtera, a seafood processing company which is part of PT Intimas Surya, was audited against the Walmart ethical and environmental Standards for Suppliers. This audit is part of …

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