About FIP

Observer from Research Institute for Tuna Fisheries, Benoa, Bali-Indonesia measured the catch onboard FIP vessel in Indian Ocan PT Intimas Surya and Research Institute for Tuna Fisheries MMAF Indonesia signed an MOU to support observer onboard programme Indonesian Fisheries Meeting to present FIPs in North America Seafood show 2014 Demersal bottom longline traditional boat from Madura Islands, East Java Preparation for setting in longline vessel in the Indian Ocean


The Indonesian Fisheries Improvement site was launched in May 2013 by LINI to allow the Indonesian fishing industries to report on fisheries improvement projects being implemented in Indonesia.


There is growing interest from the Indonesian supply chain fishery industry, including fishermen, local suppliers, and processors/exporters, to engage in fishery improvement projects (or FIP). A FIP is defined as a collaborative alliance of buyers, suppliers, and producers working together to improve a fishery through better policies and management, while voluntarily changing purchasing and fishing practices to reduce problems such as illegal fishing, bycatch, and habitat impacts.


In 2014, LINI became FIP Coordinator to continue assisting a number of FIPs which were initiated by the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP). LINI’s role as FIP coordinator involves:

  • disseminating information about the FIPs;
  • ensuring FIP implementation is on track, progress is monitored and available publicly through the updated website;
  • facilitating regular meetings; and
  • managing promotion of FIPs to a wider audience, with the aim of attracting new participants.